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Listen to the Women

Honoring Gloria J. Martin


Gloria Martin is the former Executive Director of the Family Refuge Center in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia.  Her narrative on women’s issues and family violence is appropriately titled “Listen to the Women”


Gloria Martin was born in 1942 in Anaconda, Montana. Her hometown was filled with immigrants who worked at the copper smelter.  “My grandmother came from Croatia in 1901.  In my early life she really influenced me.  She taught me to believe that this country was a great place and that it was a place where people could come to make a new life.”


Gloria was also influenced by the Catholic social justice philosophy that “we have an obligation to help the poor.  It is something that has stayed with me all of my life.”  Gloria’s passion for social justice led her to spend the past 21 years caring for the victims of family violence and abuse, educating the public on the enormity of the problem and advocating for better laws and policies to protect people and build safer and stronger families in West Virginia. 


“Some people live by themselves, but I really believe that we were meant to be together.  Our community will only be as good as the people who are in it.  Probably now in our history more than ever – we really need to take care of one another.”   Gloria Martin


Shepherd’s Center of Greenbrier Valley

2008 Community Service Award