“Mountain Mourning”Film One of The Mountain Mourning Collection

 A Christians for the Mountains Feature Film confronts the abusive practice of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining.


Filmmaker B. J. Gudmundsson uses photography and personal stories to create an epiphany – a personal awakening – as nature’s beauty is starkly contrasted with scenes of ruin.  Powerful narration is supported by traditional gospel and Appalachian Music to tell this story of tragedy and hope.  “Mountain Mourning” calls upon Christians and their churches to summons moral courage and effective advocacy that will bring healing and justice to this land and its people.


Run Time: 30 minutes

The “Mountain Mourning” DVD includes this film plus “Look What They’ve Done”

and “Keeper of the Mountains”


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All Proceeds are used for continuing the distribution of DVD’s to churches, communities and organizations.



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Rev. David Rittenhouse

Joe Barnett

Julia Thompson Bonds

Larry Gibson



B. J. Gudmundsson


B. J. Gudmundsson



Allen Johnson


Script Writer

Dave Cooper

Appalachian Musicans

Elaine Purkey      Tanya Adkins

Sarah Gunning

Greg Treadway      Andy Price

Glen Simpson

Eric Garrison      Rich Kirby

Nathan Wilson

Dwight Diller


Funding Provided by


Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation

The World Stewardship Institute

Special Thanks


Moving Mountains: Appalachian Voices

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Coal River Mountain Watch

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

The Mountain Mourning Collection includes a “Call to Action”

from Bob Marshall, co-founder of Christians for the Mountains


To Learn More visit ChristiansfortheMountains.org



Christians for the Mountains

By Rusty Pritchard    Evangelical Environmental Network


Mountaintop removal mining is probably not what Isaiah had in mind in Chapter 40 (“Every valley shall be raised up; every mountain and hill made low”). Right now mining companies are blasting the tops out of Southern Appalachian mountain peaks and pushing the rubble into the adjacent valleys and streams, burying habitats, polluting creeks and wells, and endangering the lives of the people nearby.


Christians for the Mountains is a grassroots group formed to raise a faithful voice about this destructions, and to generate awareness among believers nationwide. Energy choices made by millions of electricity users have side effects that converge on small, often poor, Appalachian communities and the beautiful countryside they once inhabited.The website of Christians for the Mountains is filled with valuable information and links, and especially recommended is their DVD collection suitable for using in small groups discussions.