LETTERS from “Mountain Mourning” Viewers




July 1, 2007

From Bill Price, Sierra Club


“This film  is a great way to reach out to people of faith so they can get involved in the movement for climate justice.”





June 2, 2007

From Sweden


Just wanted to let you know the DVD arrived real fast without problems!

I've watched it a couple of times and it is a scary document!

Ok, being born and raised in Sweden’s mine- and steel mill belt I had a pretty good idea of what to expect of your movie.

But what really struck me is the scale of the destruction.

Another scary thing is that very few people around here know about MTR mining.

So I guess I've got a little mission here, right?




May 18, 2007

From Sally Rubin, Los Angeles, California


I want to thank you profusely for “Mountain Mourning.”  My family is from the mountains of east Tennessee, a little hollow called Calderwood.  I also spend three years working on the film “Country Boys” so I feel very very connected to the Appalachian region.  I’ve always been deeply saddened by the increasing loss of and devastation to the region, but “Mountain Mourning” brought it all back to me so powerfully, so tragically.


I’m a documentary filmmaker myself, and am currently researching MTR – which is how I stumbled upon your film.  In my opinion, we can not have too many, and “Mourning” has been more inspirational than other docs I have watched.  I cannot turn on a light switch without thinking of Larry

Gibson – literally, every single time.  So thank you for telling our stories.


The work you do is so important, so crucial, and so, so inspiring.




May 7, 2007

From Falun, Sweden


Keep up the good work!




May 4, 2007

from YouTube Viewer


After looking at your videos I must say that it is I who connected with you because I am from Kentucky and find what they are doing with the mining over there outrageous.  Love what you are doing bringing attention to this.  Just wanted to help by connecting and hopefully bringing attention to your site.  I try to do what I can for the causes that affect us all everyday.




May 2, 2007

from YouTube Viewer


My heart goes out for our mountains.  WV is my heart after God.  I never imagined that our mountains would be leveled.  In 1996 I flew over the mountains from NOC to OH and was shocked at what I saw.  My heart cries every time I think about it and have noticed that now not too many planes will fly low enough to see the mountains, like they did back then.




March 22, 2007

from Charleston, West Virginia


I finally got to see Mountain Mourning.  Wow.. you did a fantastic job.  It seemed low key

and almost soft spoken the same way a whisper can silence a crowd.  I'm so pleased that its out there and so proud of you.  I suspect that the impact will be more that any of us can even guess. 




October 17, 2006

from Highland, Michigan


Thank you for making this film.  I was born in Hazard, Kentucky.   My heart breaks everyday when I think about what is happening to the mountains where I am from.   My Dad and I watched the movie last night and he can’t believe what they have done to West Virginia.  Hazard is seeing an increase in this kind of mining as well.  I saw a small mountain top removal site there last week.  It is a horrible site.  You know that the mountains are crying.  I can feel it in my soul.  Is there anything that I can do to help this cause?




October 13, 2006

from Dillingham, Alaska


I watched the P.B.S. television documentary broadcast of the West Virginia Coal Mining devastation of the once beautiful unspoiled Appalacian Mountains.  It was absolutley devastating. I mourn your loss with you and the Appalacian People.  I applaud you for all you are doing to stop this destruction of the Appalacian Mountains.  I cried when I watched your documentary.  We have everything to lose.  Perhaps your PBS documentary can help to open the eyes of our leaders.


Here in SW Alaska in Bristol Bay, we have the world's largest wild salmon fishery, herds of caribou, moose, beaver, wolverines, seals, walrus, whales.  This is the ancesteral home of my family which is mainly Yupik Eskimo, Aleut and Athabascan, and Inuit Eskimo.  We are facing simillar devastation of our beautiful unspoiled region.


I have ordered your DVD:  "Mountain Mourning Collection".  I will share this DVD with organizations opposed to the proposed world's largest Northy Dynasty Pebble Beach Gold Mine near Lake Iliamna, Alaska. Thank you for sharing your experience.  I will pray for your land and your people.  I will write the legislature in opposition to this destructive mining.




October 6, 2006

from Dorothy, West Virginia


Thank you for sending my DVD so quickly.  I had seen a movie on MTR (Kayford Mt.) before but it was nothing like this film.  The tears flowed easily from my eyes.


We live below Kayford Mt.  It was once beautiful.  Now I and many others fear the mountain.  Every time there is a blast, we wonder – is this it?  “The Act of God” as the coal owners say.  Thank you again.




September 25, 2006

from Palatine, Illinois


I moved away years ago but my love for the mountains will go on.  As Edith Morgan Quick said in her poem, The Goal – “ when we combine our efforts we can carry a heavier load.”  These words can become the theme for saving our mountains!




September 13, 2006

from West Hartford, Connecticut


I finally had a free couple of hours to view the video and I will tell you, I was deeply moved, angered, felt sad and hopeful, all at the same time.  I just ordered three more copies I'd like to give to a couple of folks. I will pray for you and the people and the mountains.  Keep up the very good, faithful work.




September 12, 2006

from Joliet, Illinois


…we would like to educate people here about the issue of Mountaintop Removal.  We feel passionate about this destruction of God’s creation and the plight of the Appalachian people and we want to spread awareness and find ways we can help to end this devastation of the mountains. 




September 3, 2006

from Knoxville, Tennessee


This is an excellent DVD and compliments “Kilowatt Ours.”  I hope to help spread the word.