Mountaintop Removal Links


Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC)


OVEC is a nationally recognized grassroots organization

dedicated to preserving and protecting our natural heritage



Dave Copper’s

MTR Road Show


Mountaintop Removal Road Show


The Mountaintop Removal Road Show has been shown over 350 times in sixteen states since 2003 - including over 100 large and small universities such as Duke, Antioch, and Ohio State, plus many church, community and civic organizations.



Head On

Radio Network



Listen to Bob Kincaid Weekdays 6-9 p.m. on the H.O.R.N. – America’s Liberal Voice





Sludge Safety Project


A collaborative effort of Coal River Mountain Watch,

Concerned Citizens in Mingo County and OVEC




Coal River Mountain Watch


The mission of CRMW is to stop the destruction of our communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth


A Community of People taking action for Justice




Christians for the Mountains


A non-profit, grass-roots organization that encourages the preservation of God’s Earth and its human communities.


Keeper of the Mountains Foundation


Keeper of the Mountains Foundationwas created to fund Larry Gibson's efforts to preserve and foster the values of mountain culture. KOTM also supports his ongoing effort to tell the story of the destruction of Kayford Mountain and the surrounding community as a result of mountain top removal.



Mountain Justice

Mountain Justice Summer


Mountain Justice Summer is a call to action for the people to stand up against the final destruction of our life supporting ecosystems - mountain range removal.



Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship


LEAF is a Christian fellowship of Tennesseans whose faith leads them to take action for Tennessee’s environment. Concern for God’s Creation is not a matter of being liberal or conservative, a Republican or a Democrat. We believe people of faith can look beyond such distinctions and do the Lord’s work together.



Appalachian Voices


Bringing People Together to Protect Our Mountain Heritage




West Virginia Highlands Conservancy


One of West Virginia’s oldest environmental activist organizations and the leader in protecting the natural environment of our state through both defensive and offensive campaigns.




The Sierra Club


Inspired by nature, The Sierra Club’s 750,000 members work together to protect our communities and the planet. The Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.




Earth Justice


Because the earth needs a good lawyer





Friends of the Earth


The U.S. voice of the world’s largest network of environmental groups.














Larry Gibson & Chuck Nelson




Bo Webb

Coal River Mountain Watch



The Sylvester Dustbusters



Allen Johnson

Christians for the Mountains



Larry Gibson and Allen Johnson

Kayford Mountain, WV