Patchwork Filmmakers on the Road



“Mountain Mourning” On the Road



South Charleston 4/14/07

BJ, Larry Gibson, Allen Johnson,

Maria Gunnoe at South Charleston

Allen Johnson, BJ, Bob Marshall


Allen Johnson, Bob Marshall

Christians for the Mountains

Bob Marshall, Christians for the Mountains


Tonya Adkins performs at

South Charleston



“Out of the Storm” on the Road!



Ward Crowley, B.J. and Leonard McCutcheon at McClintic Library

Marlinton, WV Screening

B.J. and Sacca Elliott Black

Northfield, MA Screening

Northfield, MA Screening

Northfield Unitarian Church


Lewisburg, WV Screening

Greenbrier Community College



Lewisburg, Wv Screening

Lewisburg United Methodist Church


Steve Fesenmaier and B.J.

West Virginia Library Assn.

Screening at Pipestem Resort (WV)



“Cal Price and The Pocahontas Times” On the Road



B.J. interviews Volkmar Wentzel

Retired National Geographic photographer at his home in D.C.


Doug looking through

Volkmar Wentzel’s slides

Volkmar Wentzel and Doug Chadwick

In Mr. Wentzel’s studio

Washington, D.C.

Volkmar Wentzel, Doug Chadwick,

B.J. Gudmundsson, Viola Wentzel

William P. McNeel, Editor and B.J.

Filming at The Pocahontas Times

Jane Price Sharp, Editor Emeriti

Allen Johnson, PCFL Director

B.J. Gudmundsson

Marlinton, WV Screening



Memorable Events “On the Road”



Finding the original site of

The Galford Mill in New England

September 1999


Finding the Old Logging Road

Used by The Galford Lumber Co.

September 1999

Back to Northfield to Film

The Mill Site in the Winter

February 2000

Presenting the Galford Photograph to

John Cuthbert for the WV Regional and History Collection at WVU

Presenting the Galford Photograph to

The Dickinson Memorial Library in

Northfield, Massachusetts

Doug photographing the

“Silver Ghost Tour” in Maryland

October, 2001


B.J. and Doug escorted Nana Sylvest to the southern coal fields to do research for the Lars Von Trier film

“Dear Wendy”  November 2002

(Steve Fesenmaier at left)


Dinner with Doreen and Wesley Carpenter at the 2002

WV Filmmakers Film Festival


WV Filmmakers gather in Sutton, WV

WV Filmmakers Film Festival  2003


B.J. and Doug went to the screening

At the Pioneer Theatre in NYC

“True Facts in a Country Song”

and “Out of the Storm”  March 2004


Bob Marshall

“Christians for the Mountains”

Jason Keeling

“WV Wilderness Coalition”

at World Premier, South Charleston


Friends gather for dinner

Before screening in South Charleston

“Mountain Mourning”  “God’s Gift of

 a Wild and  Wonderful Land”