Patchwork Films is comprised of volunteer filmmakers, photographers and writers

dedicated to the preservation of all things West Virginia.


Patchwork Filmmakers


Patchwork Films began in 1998 with the story of Glen Galford and the convoy to New England.

“Out of the Storm” was released in 2001 – and gave birth to a collaborative film effort

devoted to documenting the stories of West Virginia, her people and their stories.


We are proud of our work – but more importantly, we are honored by the friendship of

 so many people who allow us to enter their lives in a very special way.

They have helped us to learn about many things such as newspapers, hurricanes, logging,

coal mining, conservation, education, civil rights, social justice,  family and values.

Thanks to all of them for helping us to “make the world a warmer place.”



B. J. Gudmundsson

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Doug Chadwick

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Joan C. Browning

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Patchwork Films is a West Virginia not-for-profit organization

registered with the Secretary of State as a Voluntary Association.

Patchwork Films is not a federally registered 501(c)3 therefore

No part of sales through our website are tax-deductible. 





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“Out of the Storm” in New England


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