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"Standing on Holy Ground"  the Rev Patricia Jarvis Story.

“This woman is a unique expression of the grace of God, and an illustration, at the finest, of what it means to be called to Christian ministry."
Bishop William Boyd Grove, United Methodist Church, retired.

“Standing on Holy Ground” follows the life and ministry of the Rev. Dr. Patricia A. Jarvis through her “home among the hills” of West Virginia. Born the granddaughter of West Virginia’s last Methodist circuit rider, she married Julian George Sulgit, Jr. in 1969. After teaching for 3 years in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Patricia and Julian returned to West Virginia. Declaring “whatever talents I have I want to give to the church,” her ministry led them to Charleston District Outreach Ministries, the integrated St. Stephen’s UMC at Coal Branch Heights and Trinity UMC in Glenville. Upon completing their doctorates, they were appointed the first husband and wife co-pastors of Trinity UMC in Bluefield, and finally, Lewisburg United Methodist Church in Greenbrier County, WV. This beautiful documentary is a portrait of a family living a life a faith, a couple with a strong commitment to social justice and the “disciples” that are following in their footsteps.

B.J. Gudmundsson, Producer ~ Joan C. Browning, Executive Producer.

Running time: 62 minutes.

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