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    Rise Up! West Virginia (DVD)
Be the first to have a copy of this dynamic new movie, now complete!.
    Rise Up! West Virginia - Special Donation (DVD)
Donate a copy to a library, school, community group, church/religious organization or an elected official!. Order form has room for a message from you.
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Three Movie Special:
    Mountain Mourning - Christians for the Mountains (DVD)
This DVD Includes ALL THREE Movies. Mountain Mourning, Look What They've Done and Keeper of the Mountains, plus two extra features.

    God's Gift of a Wild and Wonderful Land (DVD)
Commissioned by The Wilderness Coalition and Christians for the Mountains.

Feature Films:
    -30- Cal Price and the Pocahontas Times (DVD) 20.00
    Out of the Storm - Documentary of the Year 2002 (DVD) 20.00

From the Acclaimed "Modern Marvels of Inspiration" Series:
    Reach for the Sky - Andy Pendleton (DVD) 20.00
    Angels in Disguise - Fred and Scarlett Kellerman (DVD) 20.00
    Heart, Mind and Soul - Wood and Shirley McCue (DVD) 20.00
    Answering THE CALL - Vivian Frances Crane (DVD) 20.00
    Long Runway Home - Col John and Ruth Gwinn (DVD) 20.00
    Listen to the Women - Gloria Martin (DVD) 20.00
    Love to Share - Liz and Mitch Scott (DVD) 20.00
    A Sense of Values - Mayor Charles Mundy (DVD) 20.00
    Standing on Holy Ground - Rev Patricia Jarvis (DVD) 25.00
    He Went About Doing Good - Rev Carl Renick (DVD) 18.00

    Greenbrier on Parade Volume 1 -Sleigh Ride (DVD) 9.50
    Greenbrier on Parade Volume 2 -Wm Dysard (DVD) 9.50
    Greenbrier on Parade Volume 3 -Dr. Sharp (DVD) 9.50
    Greenbrier on Parade Volume 1+2+3 Bundle (DVD) 25.00

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