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“Answering THE CALL”

Released: March,2010 a B.J. Gudmundsson Film.

“ I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Vivian Frances Crane was born in 1930 to James Allen and Winona McClung Crane in their home at Rupert, West Virginia. It was said that upon her arrival into the world Dr. C. C. Jackson exclaimed, “I’m proud of this one!”

“If he were alive today I hope he would still be proud.” Vivian Crane

Vivian is a direct descendant of the McClung family, which was one of the earliest pioneering families to settle in Greenbrier County. She and her brother James were raised by loving parents and grandparents who taught them the values of working hard and giving back to others.

After graduating with honors from Rupert High School, Vivian was a first-generation college student and earned her teaching degree from Concord College. Following a General Electric Fellowship at Purdue University and a National Science Foundation Fellowship at UVA, Vivian went on to receive her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education and her Doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Virginia.

“Answering THE CALL” is Dr. Crane’s sentimental journey that traverses her childhood, her teaching career and her life of volunteer service both in her community and as a disaster relief worker with the American Red Cross.

“She just gets up every morning, looks outside her door and asks herself what needs to be done. And then she does it!” Joan C. Browning

Dr. Vivian F. Crane

The Shepherd’s Center of Greenbrier Valley
2010 Community Service Award

Run Time: 51 minutes.