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"He Went About Doing Good"

Acts 10:38



The Reverend Carl W. Renick, Sr. was born in Lewisburg, West Virginia, on March 12, 1913.† As a boy he delivered groceries for local merchants while attending elementary school.† At last, a high school for blacks was opened in Greenbrier County and Carl Wayland Renick was able to finish school, graduating at the age of 23 with the first Class of Bolling High School in 1936.†


"And Iím amazed to hear the story of a man who grew up in segregation and yet can tell you what a joy his early life was, what wonderful privileges he had, and at the same time to know that he struggled for an education, he struggled to recognize his talents and abilities and it could not have been easy."

Rev. Dr. Dexter Taylor, Old Stone Presbyterian

By working summers at the famous Greenbrier Hotel he was able to save money to† go to† college and† graduated from Negro North Carolina A&T in 1942. It was there that he met and married Miss Edna Tonkins. In 1950, they returned to Lewisburg, West Virginia.† Carl went back to work at The Greenbrier, where employee parties were still segregated.


"Heís probably encouraged people who may have been people who would have been opposed to him as a black man.† He hasnít hated them.† He simply kind of loves his way through.† And he does that with a kindness that is just hard to find.† He probably portrays Kingís ideas of peace and of kindness and turning the other cheek better than any person that Iíve seen.† Iím not making him out to be a saint.† But itís his kindness and his care that, just well "he is a saint."

Rev. Ronald Miller, Schuck Memorial Baptist Church


Carl Renick was ordained as a minister in 1960 and spent the next 21 years pastoring at Methodist Churches in West Virginia and Virginia.†† After nine years at Calloway UMC in Arlington, VA, Rev. Renick retired and came home to Lewisburg where he is Pastor Emeritus at the church of his youth, John Wesley United Methodist Church.


"Rev. Renick is the second person that I know of, the first is my grandmother, who actually says he loves folks and actually does.† Folks like Rev. Renick.† They like him a lot."

Rev. Thomasina Stewart, John Wesley UMC

"In the bible, when the apostle Paul writes about the saints, heís really talking about people who try to follow Jesus. I would have to say that Carl Renick would be among the saints." Rev. Dr. Patricia Jarvis, Lewisburg UMC


"He Went About Doing Good" is a celebration of Rev. Renickís life, his faith journey, and his service to The Shepherdís Center of Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia.


B.J. Gudmundsson, Producer ~ Joan C. Browning, Executive Producer

Run Time: 47 minutes

Copyright 2005† - All Rights Reserved