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  “Rise Up! West Virginia”


We know what the surveys tell us!

80% of the people in West Virginia are against Mountaintop Removal.  When others around the United States hear about MTR they are instantly opposed to it.  In fact, it may be in their backyard without them knowing it.


We also know that most people have NEVER been to a Mountaintop Removal Site.  If they could see it we could put a stop to it.  We want to take them there!  You can help us do that!



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If you have questions please call B. J. Gudmundsson at 304-799-3989

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The Movie!

  “Rise Up! West Virginia”






Film Screenings


WHY am I doing this?

A personal message from the filmmaker


I have been on Kayford Mountain and watched people as they step out onto that ledge for the first time.  They always cry – sometimes uncontrollably.  They cannot believe what is happening to the mountains and the people of West Virginia.  They can’t believe that they live in a country that is allowing this to happen. 


They go home, take a hard look at their own energy use and they turn off the lights!  They make calls to their representatives.  And they tell their friends and their churches about what is going on here.  They instantly RISE UP!


Going to Kayford Mountain changed my life.  It is why I stopped everything and joined this huge effort to Stop Mountaintop Removal.  And the truth is – I still cry every time I go there. 


There’s no way to bus everyone in the country to Kayford Mountain.  But we can take them there with a film. It occurred to me that our own people aren’t going to fight MTR in Kentucky or Virginia or Tennessee until they’ve begun the fight for their homeland.  They are not going to fight any abuse to our environment or to our people until they find the courage to fight for themselves. This is why I made “Rise Up! West Virginia.” 


Giving folks the ability to check out this DVD at their library or attend a screening in their community is one way of “getting them there.”


“Rise Up! West Virginia” lets them ride in the car with me as I travel our roads, meet our people and hear their stories.  Hopefully they will come to the same conclusion that I have:  West Virginia is being blown off the planet and we have the power to stop it!


B.J. Gudmundsson



We need a traffic jam here!  So “RISE UP! WEST VIRGINIA”





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How Can I Help?



Tell West Virginia’s

Elected Officials to

Stop Mountaintop Removal

Gov. Joe Manchin

Sen. Byrd D-WV

Sen. Rockefeller D-WV

Cong. Rahall D-WV

Cong. Moore-Capito R-WV

Cong. Mollohan D-WV

WV Legislature Contacts



Go to Kayford Mountain

Donate a DVD

Attend an Event

Visit the Coalfields

Spread the Word

Vote Responsibly


Read, Learn

Support an Organization

Keeper of the Mountains


Coal River Mountain Watch

Sludge Safety Project

WV Highlands Conservancy

Mountain Justice Summer