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How You Can Help Turn the Tide



a personal journey to understanding

mountaintop removal


Filmmaker B. J. Gudmundsson takes a personal journey from her life-long home in the eastern mountains of West Virginia to the southern coalfields of her beloved state. 


Once there, she joins the Mountain Keepers who have been fighting a 20-year battle to save their homes from the destructive practice of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining.


The stories of struggle and visions of hope open a door to the complex issue that is threatening the future of West Virginia.


Filmed in Southern West Virginia in 2007

Original Music from Appalachian Artists

Run Time:  73 minutes


2008 Award of Excellence

West Virginia Filmmakers Festival


Dedicated in Loving Memory to Jim Foster

Who passed away Nov. 1, 2009

Watch Jim Foster on YouTube


Meet The Mountain Keepers



Jean & Jim Foster

Bob White, WV


Mary Miller

Pauline Canterberry

Sylvester, WV


Ed Wiley

Debbie Jarrell

Rock Creek, WV


Maria Gunnoe

Bob White, WV


Larry Gibson

Kayford Mt., WV


George Daugherty

Elkview, WV

Julian Martin

Charleston, WV

Robert Gates

Charleston, WV

Ken Hechler

Charleston, WV


Judy Bonds

Rock Creek, WV

Donna Branham

Lenore, WV

B. J. Gudmundsson


Lewisburg, WV



Janice Nease – Coal River Mountain Watch

Debbie Jarrell – Pennies of Promise

Bob Kincaid – Head On Radio






Music Provided by Singers and Songwriters of Appalachia


“West Virginia Heart” LISTEN

written by Agust Gudmundsson

performed by Dodi Hungerbuhler and B.J. Gudmundsson



“West Virginia Coming Back Hallelujah Marching Band”

written by George Daugherty

performed by George Daugherty and the Hallelujah Marching Band Ensemble



“Heaven’s Kind”

written and performed by T. Paige Dalporto


“Rank Strangers”

written by Ralph Stanley

performed by Higher Ground


“Hills of My County”

written by Tina Aridas and James Reams

performed by James Reams & The Barnstormers


“All My Love is For You”

performed by George Daugherty & Buddy Griffin


“Why Don’t You Answer”

written and performed by Atherine Spurlin


“Hallelujah! We Shall Rise”

performed by The Missing Persons

Soup Kitchen Gospel Quartet


“Hard Times”

written by Stephen Foster

performed by Buddy Griffin




“Coal Dust in My Soul”

written by James Reams

performed by James Reams & The Barnstormers


“Don’t Cry Sky”

written and performed by Omar Oskarsson

vocalist Lisa Striker


“The Walk” and “Viking Sunset”

written and performed by Omar Oskarsson


“N’er More Will Our Rivers Run Free”

written and performed by George Daugherty


“Appalachian Fall”

written and performed by Jim Savarino 


“Wealthy Politician” LISTEN

written by Agust Gudmundsson



written by Agust Gudmundsson

performed by B.J. Gudmundsson


“Wild, Wonderful”

written and performed by Mindy Michael